What we do and how we do it.

Education, Strategy, Reporting, Refinement.


It all begins with education. We spend up to 3 hours with you explaining what we're going to be doing and why we're doing it. During the actual engagement we'll also introduce any new trends we feel you need to be aware of. Throughout the process we're consulting with you and explaining things as we go. We want you to be part of the process.


After you've got an understanding of what we're going to be doing, we sit down together and work out a strategy for moving forward.  We create actionable steps that you and your web team can follow-through on and we monitor our progress to see where we are and what next steps are required.


Every month you get a report which breaks down the progress we've made and the next steps we need to take. The report covers areas such as how well your keywords are ranking within your target market, where new web visitors are coming from (e.g. ad campaigns, direct links, organic searches), what they're doing on your web site (what pages do they visit, for how long) etc. This is valuable data that we use to plan out next steps.


As we progress, month-by-month we continue to look at opportunities to climb the rankings quicker. Fresh content, infographics, video, better engagements, reviews, published articles, there are lots of avenues to pursue and we'll introduce them into the process when the timing is right. The idea is start with a solid foundation and slowly layer more engaging content.


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