BlitzBack is a company designed around the needs of small business owners and sole proprietors. But I can’t really tell you the story of BlitzBack without mentioning my other company and where it all began – BBImagery

When I started BBImagery (a photography studio specializing in headshots) I was probably in a position that most of you might recognize – the new kid on the block. Sure I had a website, but no word-of-mouth, no real presence.

If you were to Google “Photographers in Burlington” around the time I opened, surprise, surprise, I was nowhere to be seen and as a result, nobody was visiting my site and nobody was calling me to book a headshot.

I had to learn the tricks of the trade that would get me noticed. Little-by-little, my Google ranking started to climb, suddenly I was 60th, then 50th until I eventually made it onto the holy grail of search results – the very first page. After that, top 10 until finally I was number 1. It took a while, other photographers are not going to stand still and watch their ranking fall, but by learning what worked and what didn’t and staying within Google’s guidelines for good sites, I had achieved my goal. As my ranking climbed, so did the business calls. These days they work hand-in-hand. If someone can find you by searching and clicking, and if your website is impressive and functional – then there’s a good chance they’ll call or email or contact you via online forms or social media. These days, search is key to business success.

Having an IT background helped, but I realized I was in a fortunate position; not everyone has that background. So I took all those years of learning how to build a good website and then how to analyze it and how to improve it and I turned it into BlitzBack, our goals are simple

1. Create websites that ‘wow’  potential clients

2. Create websites that search engines would rank highly to boost brand awareness.

That’s BlitzBack in a nutshell. We build beautiful, expressive, reliable and functional web sites, but with an eye on your Google ranking, because there’s no point owning the best photography studio in Burlington if nobody knows you exist.


Come and have a coffee with us. We’ll be happy to answer any more questions you might have and we can walk you through how we do business. No hard sell, soft sell, upsell, side sell or anything like that. Just pop in, and chat.

Please note, we do do good coffee, but we can’t do those fancy pants patterns…

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