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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (commonly referred to as SEO) is a mystical form of sorcery, well, at least it can seem that way. Look at it like this, there's probably a hundred dentists in your city. When you type "Dentist in <your city>" into Google, Google has to determine which order to display them. Obviously the higher up you are (called your ranking), the better for your business (as most people only contact the first few results). SEO is the process by which we fine-tune your web site and other off-site factors to help you climb that rank. You want to be first, but then so does every single one of your competitors.

Does BlitzBack Build Web Sites?

Yes, if you need a web site, we can build it, host it, etc. You provide the content, we do all the rest. Please see our pricing page for more details.

What Happens If I Reach #1?

OK, so back to the dentist. Let's say we started off by ranking 100th in our city and over the process of a year we fought our way to becoming the number one ranked dentist in our city. Congratulations, game over right? Nope.
Remember when we started at 100? Well someone was already #1. Now we've replaced them. Next month, heck, next day, someone called usurp us and take the top spot.
SEO doesn't end when you become #1, sure the business floodgates may well open and we're rolling in cash, but SEO never stops. Everyone wants to be the top dog, so watch your heels.


What are keywords?

Let's stick with the dentist analogy. When you create a web site, Google needs to understand what it is you're saying, selling, etc. It does this in hundreds of different ways, but one of the key factors is something we call keywords. Let's say on your web site you have a page for regular dental procedures, and another for cosmetic dentistry. For the first page you might choose the keyword "Dentist" as it's a broad term and most people looking for common procedures would probably type that into Google. For the second page, you might choose the keyword "Cosmetic Dentistry" so Google knows that if people are searching for cosmetic procedures, that would be the right page to show them. Keywords help Google understand what each of the pages on our web site is referring to, which can help make search results more specific and relevant.

Does my site need to be running WordPress.

Yes. If your site is running on another platform, although we can help, it becomes increasingly difficult to do so . For example, in WordPress we can point to a plugin (a bit of extra coding) you can download to enhance your site. If your site is on another platform or a custom build, we would not know how to achieve the same result. If you're not sure if your platform is WordPress, you can contact your developers or ask us to investigate for you.

Wait, I've got more questions.

That's alright, we've got more answers. Feel free to use the contact form below to ask us a questions and don't forget we offer a free 30 minute presentation and 15 minute Q&A session (one-on-one) so you can ask away.


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