How did we get here?

In order to understand BlitzBack you need to understand a little bit about my other company, BBImagery and the journey that I took with that company. I come from an IT background, having been a software developer, an analyst, etc in the field. I left that path some years ago to follow my passion which is photography.

Like many of you, I decided to start my own company (BBImagery).

So I opened a studio, built a web site...and...nothing. The problem is that if you ask someone today where they go when they're looking for a product or service they'll tell you it's Google.

I Google'd "Headshot Photographer" in Burlington and I was nowhere to be seen.  No matter how good I was, my competitors got the business because people didn't know about my business. 

Creating a web site doesn't mean anything. Imagine opening a dentist in your city. On day 1 when you Google for a dentist, all the hundreds of other dentists in the region and neighbouring cities show up and you're nowhere.

How do you fight your way to the top? And make no mistake, you need to be at the top. When was the last time you did a search on Google and went to page 2 or page 3 instead of picking a vendor from the first page.

I started learning about a task commonly known as SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO). It's a huge field and ever changing. It means rebuilding the content and structure of your web site to make it easy for Google to find out what you do. It means ensuring the right keywords are in place within your text. It means making sure your images load fast. It means making sure your site looks good on mobile devices.

 Every time I made an improvement to my web site, I climbed a little higher on Google's rankings. I opened Social Media accounts, I got my clients to leave reviews on my Google Business Page, I created interesting content, I wrote informative articles etc. I kept the content coming and I kept climbing the rankings.

I'm now always in the top 3 for my important keywords, so I won't show up for 'wedding photographers', because I don't offer that service, but I will show up for 'professional headshots' and 'business headshots' because that's what I do and that's what generates income for me.

While I was working on my own SEO,  I was photographing headshots for people who would tell me about how they were about to start their own business and when I asked them about SEO they had no idea what I meant. They just thought that people would somehow find them on Google.

That's when BlitzBack was born.

These clients were starting on their journey and they don't have the IT experience that I have, they haven't walked the same path that I took, they'll be pitfalls and challenges ahead that I already knew about and could help them avoid.

So I started BlitzBack, the idea is a simple one, I help you with your SEO. It's one less hat for you to wear as you try and get your business off the ground. We track your progress and make recommendations on how you can improve. We do this over-and-over and you should climb Google's rankings, eventually making your way to the top.


To learn more about what we do and how we can help your business, send us a message.